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Nuevo LJ Post [we sure are cute for two ugly people.]

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well hello there.

valentine’s day is overrated. but not this year. we were able to spend v-day with you guys, in newcastle. the postponing of the show two nights before actually worked to our benefit… otherwise we wouldn’t have even seen each other on the 14th, much less spent an entire evening together. thanks for all the roses and the cards. it was definitely a great way to spend valentine’s. wouldn’t have had it any other way. not to mention the show was easily the best of the the UK tour so far.

tonight we played in cologne, germany to a smaller room of about 500 kids. NFG headlined (as they should -- haha). i miss shows like that. i think that it reminds us of touring in the van… so that’s why we love it so much. we almost got away with not putting up a barricade tonight but i actually think the crowd wouldn’t have appreciated that tonight considering the stage was only about 2 feet tall and people would’ve had their shins split in half or worse? anyways, i love not having a barricade. i’m small and sometimes i fear for my life but man is it exciting!!!
after the show we actually got to go outside and sign for a bit and meet some fans here. i love doing that. i wish we could do it every night but things are a lot different than they used to be and we have to put a lot more planning into those sorts of things than we used to. everyone here was really sweet and seemed stoked about the show. not only for us but when NFG went on the crowd went off. tonight was also the first night that our good friends LOST ALONE came to join us on the road once again. they are so freakin good. wouldn’t it be rad to have them on a U.S. tour?

well, i gotta run… we are watching Perfume. it’s a pretty twisted movie. this dude is making perfume out of girls “scents”. apparently he’s going to kill this chick in a few minutes and turn her into some type of soup so he can smell her all day. ugh, he’s sniffing her arms right now… like sniffing hard. okay i gotta go concentrate before i miss something.

talk soon

ps. zac and josh have both asked me what the password is for this account… i think they might’ve forgotten it haha. hopefully, this means they will be posting soon. 🙂

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  1. Edusk8er says:

    Podrian traducir? no es paramore spain?

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