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Nuevo LJ Post [on the plane.]

[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | “Jackson” ]

i love long flights. it’s the only time we can relax and truly be disconnected from all the bullshit goin’ on around us. you can’t get a phone call in a plane. you can’t check your email. no meetings, interviews, or anything like that… just eleven hours of letting go and attempting to listen to every album on your iPod. the best part is that here, there is no one to impress. everyone’s just doing the same as you, trying to get from A to B safely and swiftly -- as possible.

where is the line between being completely vulnerable and letting other people make their own interpretations? “my only weakness is… well, nevermind”.

we have just begun our first tour of the year. otherwise known as the UK RIOT TOUR. every night is the same thing. Conditions goes on first, after them it’s Kids In Glass Houses and following them -- one of my all time favorites -- New Found Glory. yeah, that’s right, every night it’s the same thing: a total paradise of music, laughter and this glorious connection that i feel as soon as we hit that stage. i feel it long before we go on, actually. i feel it when i watch the other bands playing. i feel it when i go on stage with NFG. it’s everywhere on this tour. i’m not sure what it is but i can tell that this year is going to be something special. i don’t mean because of success or selling records… nothing to do with those things; those things could go away in a heartbeat. it’s just the way that everything is happening. so far, there isn’t one tour scheduled that doesn’t make me more excited than the last. we are playing with heroes of ours. we even get to make a quick run on the Warped Tour, which i’m not sure i could’ve lived without after the excitement that was the Lucky 13 Warped Tour, last year.

[taken from my pink journal]

life has been going and going on. the side of myself -- and the side of the dudes -- that no one sees suffers from time to time but the thing that keeps me smiling is music. and it doesn’t feel like a band-aid type of smile. it’s genuine. i’m experiencing a lot of life for the first time and i’m learning things i never knew about the world. about music. about who i am in all of it.

we’ll be landing in Los Angeles soon. i’m so excited to be invited to see a different side of music at the Grammy’s. it’s a glossier side. a side most people would probably say we fit into better… i’m not sure how much i’ll really feel a part of it but i’m so excited. just get me there in time to see the Foo Fighter’s go on. even with all the excitement of dressing up and pretending to be important, all i can think about is how awesome LA is going to feel. should be a lot warmer than the UK. i’m pretty stoked to steal away to Amoeba Music (geez, did i spell it right?) and pick up some records -- no, what i really need are some good posters for my apartment. i also am preparing myself for how many oreo milkshakes the guys and i will have at Mel’s Diner. it will be a nice little break from reality to be back in the states for a second in the middle of the tour. but by the time the Grammy insanity is over, i’ll be more than ready to hop a plane back to England to finish off the RIOT TOUR.

wow. i just wrote a pretty long and self reflective blog, there. time to get back to my iPod. well, i’ve been listening this whole time but I’ve listened to the whole of The Smith’s “Best Of…” (how hip of me… right?). hmm, i just got a lot of new music… so, who’s next?

St. Vincent it is.

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