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Nuevo LJ Post [i forgot to tell you guys. i’m such a jerk!]

*Gabby, si lees esto, enviame un mail porque no he podido hablar contigo*

[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | BBC World News… it’s trying to depress me. ]

it all started on warped tour. in new jersey.

we hopped off the 13 stage and there he was in all his glory… MAX WEINBERG!!!
some of you know him as the star of The Max Weiberg 7 from Conan O’ Brien’s show. the rest of you know him as the drummer of The E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen’s incredible band. either way, it’s Max Weinberg and he rules. he came to warped tour to watch his son’s band play that day and the two of them came over to watch our set. after we played they introduced themselves, we shook hands and talked for a few minutes. the best part was hearing Max tell Zac how great we played. so rewarding coming from such an accomplished dude. he told us that he thought Zac was an incredibly aggressive player and it was nice watching a guy in a band like ours play that way.

it doesn’t really stop there. later that night, Max found our bus and we invited him on. we talked for what might’ve been 10 minutes about music and touring… how boring life would be without it and then he mentioned something that made me have to pee really badly hahah. i got real nervous, what can i say? he mentioned that he really wanted to put in a good word for us with the booking agent for Conan’s show. now that was really the last we heard about it but i never gave up faith in our buddy Max.

we got a call about a week or so ago saying that we were invited to play Late Night with Conan O’ Brien and we will be playing his show in a little over a week!!! 🙂 this is huge for us because Conan happens to be our favorite late night host… plus he’s got the best band of all the late night shows. we always wanted to make our late night debut on Conan and now that dream is coming true for us! hopefully, some of you guys will be able to make it out to that show so you can share the dream with us 🙂 YEAHHHH!!!

some of you may already know that i’ve got a super big crush on mr. Conan. i used to keep my mom awake in our apartment laughing out loud at his monologue every night. yes, i know, he’s a married man. i just can’t contain my love for him any longer. i must hug Conan.

alright, well… all this to say, thank you guys for getting us to this point and helping one of our biggest dreams as a band come true. if this is the only late night show we ever play, we are content 🙂 no offense to mr. Leno or Letterman or Kimmel or any of the other dudes. wow, i probably sound like such a jerk. can you blame me?

all of us.

ps. we’ll give you guys a japan update soon. sorry we’ve been so busy on this short tour that it’s been difficult to stay really connected. we’ll have you know that the shows are going great, though. update soon!

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