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LJ post del 18 de diciembre [ahh franklin. mewithoutYou. christmas insanity]

PD: Esta chica (Hayley) cada vez me cae mejor, ya podreis ver al final del post lo que dice de Britney y Jamie, eso hace ver lo sensata que es.

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home is great. still no rest to be found as we all scurry around town to prepare for christmas gift giving and holiday madness. the water at my apt. was turned off all day as well, due to maintenance issues. so, i am still pretty gross from the past couple shows! none of it matters, though, cause we’re in TN. yes.

as most of you will probably realize, i deleted the post about jamie spears being pregnant. for one, i didn’t think it needed to be discussed here but secondly, i just feel really bad for her. i read a couple news pieces and forums where people were talking about the whole thing and most are just ripping her to shreds. this is not to say that i’ve never found humor or pleasure in tearing people apart, (as some people have already referenced “misery business” in a couple of these forums… reminding me) but none of us know her situation and i’m sure all of us are familiar with what it’s like to be in love or even to think you are in love. we make mistakes. sometimes those mistakes can’t be erased. the difference is we aren’t the ones whose pictures are sitting below those headlines. headlines that 95% of the time are exaggerated.

i also watched a video of jamie and britney out for sushi that really made me feel even more for them. i am about to be 19, our band hasn’t had a fraction of the success britney or jamie lynn has had and already i get overwhelmed with press, media, etc… but these girls aren’t even out of their car and already are suffocated by a mass of creepy dudes in black with lenses the size of my face. as if that wasn’t enough, while they are walking into the restaurant (surrounded) some chick from the neighborhood comes up and starts yelling at britney to get out of her neighborhood cause she’s trash or something like that… seriously? if that’s one hour in their lives i can’t imagine a day, much less a week. they are stronger than a lot of people think.

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